How do I get paid?

All rates and payment are directly negotiated and arranged between the Employer and the Safety Professional. SafetyCoverage.com does not set rates, collect or disburse payment for services rendered.

When should I agree on the terms of payment?

As listed in our terms of service, we recommend that all monetary agreements be finalized before the start of any assignment to avoid misunderstandings. We also suggest a written communication (i.e. email) that can be review in the event of misunderstanding.

What happens if a safety professional does not show up or call to give 24-hour cancellation notice?

 Any safety professional that fails to show up for an assignment that was booked days in advance without 24-hour notice will be dismissed from the website. Unforeseen circumstances are subject to internal review.

What if I am not happy with the performance of a safety professional?

We welcome your feedback via our rating system. It is the responsibility of the safety professional to comply with the license requirement of the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) and the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

How do I cancel an emergency booking?

The employer must notify the safety professional no later than two hours before the start of the assignment. Safety Professionals that need to cancel an emergency booking must also cancel within two (2) hours so as to give the employer time to find a replacement.

What if an employer wants to hire me full time?

If you entered into an agreement with an employer and they express interest in hiring you on a full time bases, the employer is required to communicate their intention with SafetyCoverage.com in order to be released from our non-compete clause.

What if I am not happy at a job site?

If a safety professional is not happy on a job site and wants to leave the assignment, the employer must be given 24-hour notice. In such a case, either the safety professional or the employer can seek emergency replacement from www.SafetyCoverage.com.

In the event the safety Professional has to leave the site and there is no one to cover the site, the safety professional must notify DOB. Failure to notify DOB may result in a personal DOB violation to the safety professional and expose of the employer to violations if the site is inspected.

What if I am covering a site on a short term agreement but the site conditions are very poor?

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all safety recommendations are corrected. Licensed safety professionals are responsible for inspecting and  notifying responsible personnel as a means to ensure compliance and to document conditions, actions, recommendations, etc. The employer is responsible for ensuring compliance with DOB, FDNY and other applicable jurisdictional safety, health and environmental standards.

How do I respond if an employer wants me to look the other way on matters of safety?

It is the legal responsibility of the safety professional to ensure that safety codes are being complied with, whether the assignment is short term or other. Licensed safety professionals are mandated to make notifications to DOB and FDNY when certain conditions are present.

What if I only want to subscribe for a short period?

A month’s subscription pays for itself. Think about the cost of delays from losing a day of work because you cannot find coverage or because of the cost (monetary and time) of Stop Work Order. What if your designated professional falls ill unexpectedly; will all site activities be brought to a grinding halt?  Think about how much it cost to fall behind schedule. Safety Professionals, how much income might be lost in the interim if a job is cancelled or is issued a stop work order. Superintendents, think about how much you can earn covering sites afterhours. How about the emotional cost of having to cancel family events or doctor appointments because you cannot leave work? Long-term subscription pays for itself.

Can a third party safety company use SafetyCoverage.com?

Yes. There is enough work to go around, we are not trying to undercut the industry or reduce the standards. Based on supply and demand, projects are being delayed and human resources are not being efficiently and effectively utilized. Our aim is to use technology to attempt to create equilibrium

As an employer, is there a limit on how many times I can employ professionals from the website?

SafetyCoverage.com currently does not impose a hiring limit but do reserve the right to implement upgrades in the future.

 Is there a limit on how many safety professionals I am allowed to hire?

No. there is no limit.

What if I am not satisfied with SafetyCoverage.com’s subscription service?

We value our safety professionals and subscribers; therefore, we welcome your feedback at all times to ensure it doesn’t get to that point. However, if you are not satisfied please review our cancellation policies before you subscribe.

Can I reach someone to discuss services if the need arises?

Yes, you can. Simply email us with your contact information and preferred method of contact to safetycoverage@gmail.com and someone will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

What if I need to make a complain about a bad experience with a safety professional?

In such an event do not hesitate to contact us at safetycoverage@gmail.com and we will follow up with you.